IETM Amsterdam 2016

Our project ideas for EU projects

Messepräsenz für artscenico performing art

We can be partners of your EU-cooperation project. We are at the Amsterdam meeting to talk to you. artscenico intends to apply for a cooperation project this year. We have four proposals and we would be happy to find partners to realize one of them. We are open for proposals and ideas.

Streets of Europe – unknown VIPs

We want to focus our efforts on particular streets in partner cities with an intention of them becoming Twin-Streets. The streets should have a similar character in structure and dimension. A group of artists, in co-operation with locals to conduct research on the history of that place. During this time we will collect stories, listen to neighbours and ask questions about buildings, people and events – even if they might look very banal or every-day-like.

We are looking for the “the big in the small”. The artists and locals will create a tour through the street, to showcase its places, people and secret boxes. They will create and arrange scenes, meetings and small events and present it to the public. In a series of walks and tours through the street, a mixture of entertainment and benefit of perception.

Public thinking

We turn “thinking“ into a public action – on places, nature, in the market and other public spaces. We make thinking visible. We will create the “European Day of Thinking”, broadcast simultaneously at all locations via livestream.

Island-Project – heritage on tour

You have to leave your home country. You don’t know where you will end up. There is little time and no chance to take big luggage. What do you take with you? You are an actor, dancer, musician, photographer or some other artist. You can take a few things and spiritual values, experiences, traditions, skills.

What will be important for you and what will you show and use in your new environment into an uncertain future? Artists from the partners’ countries emigrate temporarily.

50 humans – You are a work of art – Exhibition Performance

We will organize exhibition performances presenting people from the involved communities (countries). Everybody can be a piece of art, the exhibit. We want to show real humans in halls, museums and other locations in each country and try new ways of presenting participation in the form of exhibitions.

The series of exhibitions includes people form the participating countries. “Look, here you can see Europeans!“ The events will be broadcasted and can be viewed as live-streams on the internet.


artscenico performing art
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